Ease of use in their best interests?

OK, I get the feeling I might get ripped to shreds for this, but I was thinking, is it really in the programmers/developers best interests to create OpenSource or GNU software that is easy to use and easy to modify. My thought process is this, I understand the whole software […]

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Recycle? Throw us a frickin’ bone here

OK, its always in the news, everyone has to recycle blah blah. So, we’ve been storing papers, plastic and glass bottles at my house to drop off at the local recycling bins at Sainsburys. So, we’d got quite a lot together to take and we headed out, only to find […]

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Sainsburys and Ambi pur

Well, tonight I was in Sainsburys just buying my weekly shop and I passed some air fresheners. Its getting near Christmas and I like the spicy smells they often have around this time. I saw a few things on offer, one of which was this: £1.94 on save 50% Thats […]

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Music Applications

Why is it that music on the PC now seems to have taken so much importance that it warrants a full screen application to manage your music. Surely music should be heard and not seen? Long gone appear to be the days of Winamp style interfaces, XMMS hasn’t been updated […]

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