February 2, 2019

Google USB-C earbuds vs Washing Machine

Whilst emptying out the washing machine yesterday I found a wire in the clothes, which was not what I was expecting.

Tracing back the origin of the cable revealed that I had accidentally left my Google earbuds which came with my Pixel 3 phone in the pocket of my hoodie.

Damn it! I they’re ruined for good. Well, they didn’t have any obvious water damage, so maybe they’re salvageable?

I popped them onto the radiator for a little while, after shaking then to see if any water droplets fell out, none did.

I left them on the radiator for about half an hour, then tried them. Both ear phones worked, no crackling and no loss of audio quality. Great, fixed (I thought).

Then the weirdness started, volume going up and down, Google Assistant triggering on its own, all a bit weird. Water must have gotten into the control section of them. Back on the radiator then.

This time, I left them a few hours and tried again. Success! No issues so far. Let’s hope they stay like this.

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