March 31, 2017

Breaking Azure Terms launching an OpenLogic Backed CentOS 7.3 Server

There’s not much to write about this, other than I’ve recently started using Azure more through a change in direction with the day job and whilst looking for a cheaper Linux image (I always feel a little uneasy when looking at marketplace images, I feel the same with Amazon marketplace images) but I looked into the OpenLogic images and found this article from 2012 and felt more confident about them.

Previously I was launching Red Hat Azure images which are backed by Red Hat themselves, but realistically, I just need a Red Hat/RPM based distro to spin up on Azure.

So, whilst looking into launching this server, I naturally wanted to read the legal terms, to check they don’t have a small footnote saying “we install an agent to allow us to monitor and support your server” for example. Well, it turns out that the link is dead, which means technically anyone spinning up images from OpenLogic are breaking the terms as they are agreeing to a legal agreement that they can’t even read. The URL it tries to take you to is this: which is currently outputting a 404 error. Great….back to the Red Hat images then.

Update: Looks like it’s just a simple mistake on their redirect. Probably just putting www.{domain} instead of http:// thus it’s tacking it to the end of their URL. The correct URL for the service-agreement is:


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