May 22, 2015

Google launch Google for Work Connect (GWC)

As is the trend recently, Google have gone from piling everything into Google+ to actually breaking things out of it. Not only has Photos been integrated into Google+ but soon it will be coming back out of it again.

The start of this was when it was added to Google Drive.

So, what have Google been up to now? Well, they have launched Google for Work Connect, a social site for Google Apps administrators.


Where previously something like this would no doubt have been launched within Google+ in some way, probably a private community, they have actually put the effort in to create a seperate site. This feels much more like the Google pre Google+ years. They were constantly piling out sites for this that and the other, which then after a muted response would go away taking what little community it had with it.

Do I think that Google for Work Connect will be any different? No, personally it looks to be yet another attempt at a social community. I’m getting a little bored of everything becoming a “social” site now, almost so much that I’m pining for the old school bbcode forums.

We’ll see what happens, but I don’t Google for Work Connect being around much longer then the end of the year.


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