March 25, 2014

LastPass for Android Brings all the power of the desktop plugin

I’ve been using LastPass for, probably about a year now. If you don’t know, it’s a password management tool. For me, it allows me to keep a different random password for each site, and not have to worry about remembering them.

As well as this, it allows you to do extra things such as security audits, which will go through the strength of your passwords, complexity, if there are any duplicates, etc and return an overall score. It will also check the usernames against a database of known leaks, for example the Adobe Hack, the LinkedIn hack and the hack. This obviously won’t stop the fact your details were leaked, but it will certainly help to remind you to change your password for that site.

Well, the android app has been going through several changes recently, not all of them have been that great, so much so I preferred the old application, but now, they’ve added the ability to fill your username and password from the LastPass app into Chrome, or any other app as long as you’re running at least Android 4.3 for the Chrome fill and at least Android 4.1 for any other app.

Good job LastPass, it was about time though :)

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