January 20, 2013

The downfall of the UK Highstreet.

Is it just me, or if 10 years ago Blockbuster, HMV etc had used their names online to create a digital version of themselves, then they might have held on.

GAME will likely go next, despite attempts to save it, then who knows. Soon the highstreet will just be clothes shops and empty premises.

Electronics Boutique (which became GAME in the UK), when I used to work there had a great tie up with Barrys World ( where if you worked for EB you got a certain size server that you could host games on etc. It was great, but I seemed to be the only person asking about it at the time.

I think this was back in 2003. Back then places like UK2 were popular, hosting your own server, public or private for Clan matches and just fun on games like Counter Strike. I don’t seem to hear of that much often anymore, if the price was right, I’d play on a GAME server or a Blockbuster server.

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