February 8, 2012

Don’t make me a target.

Facebook has filed to become public and start selling bits of the 5% of itself to anyone with money.

This has left some people questioning if Facebook is worth the $100 Billion it was valued at.

My opinion is they are, and more still. The reason as we all know is that Facebook sells your information by way of targeted ads. So a company says place my advert on females pages between the ages of 18-24 if they are in this area and have ever mentioned” diet” in their updates for example.

Fair enough, I have no problems with that, if a targeted ad shows up for me, I probably still won’t buy it. Saying that though, I DID buy my home server from a targeted ad on Facebook I seem to remember.

I have no problems unless the advertisers step over the mark. If they start to sell funeral services based on someone recently having suffered a bereavement, then that’s just TOO far. Will they know where to stop though? Will they care?

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