October 12, 2011

OSTicket Invalid Source Problem

So, we use OSTicket at work, and for the most part it works well. However, there are parts which are a little buggy.

One of these appears to be that, when we were trying to create a New Ticket using the New Ticket option when you’re signed in, it would highlight the Source field and give the error “Invalid Source”.

This happened no matter what option from the drop down you would choose.

I had a look at the code, and made a guess at the problem, at it appears to work:

In the file: scp/tickets.php


Line 319:

if($_POST['source'] && !in_array($_POST['source'],array('web','email','phone','other')))


if($_POST['source'] && !in_array($_POST['source'],array('Web','Email','Phone','Other')))

This appeared to resolve my problem and the ticket was logged successfully without error.

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