May 15, 2010

Google World Domination

Recently at work I’ve been assisting in migrating us over to Google Apps. We have the premier package, so we pay for our Google as opposed to some of the recent reports about Google Apps Usage being mainly free (Google says it has 25 million Google Apps users, but almost all of them are non-payers. )

I then logged into my home ISP internet Virgin Webmail and found that they too had moved to Google Mail. Virgin Media Webmail accounts are now Google Apps accounts. There isn’t much there, you don’t get Docs with it for example but you can get access to the Google Page.

Do this:

  • Login to your webmail by using the normal Virgin Media webpage:
  • Then once authenticated and logged in, goto this URL:
  • You should see a more traditional Google Apps page:
  • As I mentioned, there isn’t much you can do from here. Also, the traditional pages appear to redirect to, so you can’t goto for example: as what it actually does is sign you out.

    Oh well, nevermind.

    2 Comments on “Google World Domination

    January 10, 2012 at 6:30 pm

    can i ask is there going to be more of this coz will be coming back

    […] So, why are Google doing this? Virgin used to run their own email service back when they were NTL, then they partnered with Google, something I talked about here. […]

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