December 13, 2009

Share Rage this Christmas

Rage Against The Christmas

You may have heard of the campaign to get Rage Against the Machine to Number 1 in time for Christmas.

There are many reasons people want to do this but my two reasons are that its a great song, and that if we actually DO manage to get Rage Against the Machine to Number 1 then it proves that as an online community we did this, we made it happen.

It cost me 65p to buy the track, I already owned it but I bought it again for this effort.

Do us all a favour, buy a copy today and lets be proud we made something happen this Christmas that wasn’t the inevitable X-Factor Finalists track getting to number 1.

I have nothing against Jo, but this is our time, and we will vote with our feet.

Come on Britain, do it for the laugh :)

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