April 12, 2009

10 ways to ensure you receive great IT support.

1) Not know the difference between the Google Search bar and the Internet Address bar.

When you get asked to type in a web address it always helps immensely if you type that address into the Google Search bar as opposed to the address bar.

Here is the difference:

    Google Search BoxGoogle Search Bar

      The Address Bar/BoxThe Address Bar

      2) When on the phone to IT support be as disinterested as possible about what the fault was and how it was resolved.

      Working in IT support can’t get much more joyous then when the person on the end of the phone who, coincidently called support in the first place, doesn’t care why their PC broke down and isn’t interested in how to stop it doing that in the future.

      3) Log your faults through another member of staff who’s time is worth less then your own.

      This is always especially helpful for getting a quick resolution to your problems, even though its you that has the problem your staff member who you have assigned the task of “calling support” is just as likely to know what went wrong.

      4) Never update your software.

      Your software worked the day it was installed, why is it likely to stop working now that its 3 years later? Sure, it will probably do it itself. This is one sure fire way of keeping your computer in tip top condition.

      5) When you ask for remote support, always leave them to work on your PC whilst keeping your work open.

      IT support is IT support for a reason, they should know which documents you were working on and which need saving. If they can work their way around computers then they should quite easily be able to asses the difference between one unsaved Excel spreadsheet and another.

      6) When you receive an email with an attachment work on it on the email.

      Its 2009, when you receive an email with an attachment on it, feel free to work on it and rather then save it to somewhere where anything could happen to it, like be backed up, once you’ve done your work, just hit the save button. The Outlook fairies will take care of the rest and keep your work attached to that nice email it was received in.

      7) No need to know the mouse.

      When you’re speaking to IT support, you may be asked to do various things with the mouse. These can range from, double click, single click, right click and even left click. Not knowing the difference between a right click and a left click isn’t a problem, your computer will just know what you want to do and correct it on the fly. It will also make your support issue get resolved quicker.

      8) company property doesn’t count if its a computer.

      Should you have the opportunity to use a computer for your work feel free to install anything that you would your home computer. Browse the internet at your leisure, visit game website and install as many random pieces of software that you can find. Championship Manager will run great on your work PC and all those gadgets you download won’t slow your PC down at all.

      9) The more toolbars the better.

      When you download a piece of software sometimes it comes with a toolbar such as Yahoo toolbar, Google Toolbar, MSN toolbar etc. The more of these you install the quicker and safer you will be on the internet. It will also give your web browser that “you” feel.

      10) Be vague.

      There is nothing which makes an IT support person more happy then when a call comes in which they not only have to fix, but they also have to actually guess as to what the problem is in the first place and how it happened.

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