March 28, 2009

Ubuntu Forum firmly for Ubuntu

The Ubuntu forum now has an announcement on its front page:

The Ubuntu Forums have grown tremendously over the years. While we regret that we are discontinuing our Other OS Talk category, this gives us an opportunity to help other Linux distributions grow by directing traffic to the websites of these distributions.

Here is a list of the official websites for the operating systems that used to have individual forums here. We hope you are able to find further assistance from there.

* Arch
* Debian
* Fedora/Red Hat
* Mandriva
* Slackware
* OpenSuse
* Gentoo
* Windows
* MacOSX

And finally, if you haven’t yet found what you are looking for, we suggest you look for information on the DistroWatch website or you might try the multi-distribution LinuxQuestions forum.

This makes sense, but some people may feel a little lost now as the Ubuntu Forums have often been heralded as a great source for support. Will this move more people over to Ubuntu?

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