January 24, 2009

Art of Community

Jono Bacon, a stalwart figure in the Linux Community is a long time user of Linux and is probably most famous for his contributions to the since gone, but not forgotten LUGRadio is writing a book. But first, some more about Jono…

He can often be found attending and presenting at events around the world such as Linux Expo, FossCamp and GUADEC.

He likes to play Hungry Hippos and can often be found lurking around Church graveyards with a copy of The Design of Everyday Things and a spade.

Jono is currently the Ubuntu Community Manager (according to wikipedia), which gives him an unparalleled sense of community. If you haven’t heard of Ubuntu before then he isn’t doing his job right. Its likely that you have heard of Ubuntu, so, he must be doing something good.

The art of community
is going to be published by O’Reilly sometime in 2009, the book is going to focus on the community aspects of large groups and the uniqueness of Linux, GNU and the OpenSource movement.

This isn’t Jonos first attempt at writing, he also co-wrote Linux Desktop Hacks which was also released by O’Reilly.

I wish Jono all the best on the book and I’ll certainly be purchasing it, despite it also being released as a Creative Commons publication which will be free for download.

Good luck Jono, all the best with the book.

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