October 13, 2008

Britain’s Got The Pop Factor … And Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly On Ice.

Well, this was on TV last night, I wasn’t exactly eager to watch it, I’ll be honest. So, I sat down and watched about 20 minutes – 40 minutes of it before I had to stop. I know lots of people out there will like it, but to me, it just felt like a long drawn out explanation to a joke.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Peter Kay, I think he’s great. I just think that to do a program which basically highlights all of the things we already know are funny in reality TV shows and turns them into jokes felt like a dumbing down.

I don’t need someone to make a two hour program about something that I laugh at on the real programs. Its the equivalent of someone telling a joke, then Peter Kay coming over and saying, “no, do you get it, there’s this man, and he knocks on the door, then the person in the house asks who is it, and the man says Doctor, then the person in the house says Doctor Who!? and the man says, Yes, that’s right”.

Come on Peter, some of us are intelligent. I also gather that this has been a spring board for potentially a Christmas number one, as the song is going to be released (right?).

Sorry, but I have to give it 3 out of 10, got bored very quickly.

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