September 2, 2008

Request for Help

Hello all,

I have a program in my head, but there is a problem. I’m not a programmer. I’m currently learning Python as I’ve heard its a good language to write applications quick, and that should keep my interest.

In the meantime, I’m looking for assistance or offers of assistance.

Now, the application. I work in a support environment, we have customers who require remote assistance, currently that is often offered by some means of VNC, normally a reverse connection. This however means interaction between a none technical user which doesn’t always go quite so simply.

So, my thought is why not have a middle man, or a gateway program. This program will be installed on customers machines and will provide a hook into the local VNC. It will connect to a web server and check to see if there have been any recent requests for connections, if there are it will forward that connection request onto the VNC service locally thus starting the connection without the need for user interaction.

I’d go into more detail but I think thats enough for now. If you are a developer, or maybe you would be interested in this application, drop me a comment and I’ll see what I can do regarding sorting out a project.

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