Breaking Azure Terms launching an OpenLogic Backed CentOS 7.3 Server

There’s not much to write about this, other than I’ve recently started using Azure more through a change in direction with the day job and whilst looking for a cheaper Linux image (I always feel a little uneasy when looking at marketplace images, I feel the same with Amazon marketplace images) but I looked into the OpenLogic images and found this article from 2012 and felt more confident about them.

Previously I was launching Red Hat Azure images which are backed by Red Hat themselves, but realistically, I just need a Red Hat/RPM based distro to spin up on Azure.

So, whilst looking into launching this server, I naturally wanted to read the legal terms, to check they don’t have a small footnote saying “we install an agent to allow us to monitor and support your server” for example. Well, it turns out that the link is dead, which means technically anyone spinning up images from OpenLogic are breaking the terms as they are agreeing to a legal agreement that they can’t even read. The URL it tries to take you to is this: which is currently outputting a 404 error. Great….back to the Red Hat images then.

Update: Looks like it’s just a simple mistake on their redirect. Probably just putting www.{domain} instead of http:// thus it’s tacking it to the end of their URL. The correct URL for the service-agreement is:


I’ve only scratched the Surface…

If you’ve not read the previous installment of “what laptop did I finally decide to buy” then please take a look here as to why a Macbook Pro just wasn’t for me.

So, the Macbook went back, and I was convinced I was going to wait until the Apple announcement before I looked at anything else, however, that wasn’t the case. There was this hole where a Macbook had once been, and I wanted to fill it. This was partly because I spent effort tidying my desktop computer away and making my desk tidy, and I didn’t really want to dig that all out again.

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Why “New and Noteworthy” and releasing multiple episodes first for podcasting is not the be all and end all.

There are many people who have followed the helpful advice by several successful podcasters such as John Lee Dumas; myself included but I’m about to go against all that advice and training offered.

Don’t get me wrong, without the help of John Lee Dumas I wouldn’t have started a podcast, well, that’s probably not accurate but I really did value his advice at the start.

Sadly, experience has taught me that the majority of the advice being offered by John Lee Dumas shouldn’t be taken as gospel. One of the reasons for this is that the teachings of John Lee Dumas seem to be more geared towards marketing style podcasts, i.e get results and fast and not to worry about the long game.

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So I bought a Macbook Pro…

Last year I started a podcast for my town, and I quickly realised that my aging desktop computer with its quirks and loud fans wasn’t helping at all. I was recording straight from the Mic via USB into my computer and the Mic I was using was what’s known as a “Condenser Microphone” which picks up every little sound in the room.

I asked around, despite my huge dislike and totally unwarranted disgust of Apple products in general, I had a hard time arguing that the new Macbook didn’t at least look nice, because it did.

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Google launch Google for Work Connect (GWC)

As is the trend recently, Google have gone from piling everything into Google+ to actually breaking things out of it. Not only has Photos been integrated into Google+ but soon it will be coming back out of it again.

The start of this was when it was added to Google Drive.

So, what have Google been up to now? Well, they have launched Google for Work Connect, a social site for Google Apps administrators.


Where previously something like this would no doubt have been launched within Google+ in some way, probably a private community, they have actually put the effort in to create a seperate site. This feels much more like the Google pre Google+ years. They were constantly piling out sites for this that and the other, which then after a muted response would go away taking what little community it had with it.

Do I think that Google for Work Connect will be any different? No, personally it looks to be yet another attempt at a social community. I’m getting a little bored of everything becoming a “social” site now, almost so much that I’m pining for the old school bbcode forums.

We’ll see what happens, but I don’t Google for Work Connect being around much longer then the end of the year.


Twitch Hacked

No additional details as of yet but Twitch is sending out emails to users of its service details are as such:

We are writing to let you know that there may have been unauthorized access to some of your Twitch user account information, including possibly your Twitch username and associated email address, your password (which was cryptographically protected), the last IP address you logged in from, and any of the following if you provided it to us: first and last name, phone number, address, and date of birth.

For your protection, we have expired your password and stream keys. In addition, if you had connected your account to Twitter or YouTube, we have terminated this connection.

You will be prompted to create a new password the next time you attempt to log into your Twitch account. If applicable, you will also need to re-connect your account to Twitter and YouTube, and re-authenticate through Facebook, once you change your password. We also recommend that you change your password at any other website where you use the same or a similar password.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Twitch Team

They are not including a link so its unlikely to be a scam.

I’m glad I have LastPass since having it is ensuring all my passwords are different. Doesn’t help much with personal information though.


BlackHorse Finance, maybe check your domains before you run a competition

I recently became aware of a prize offer draw thing, with Black Horse Finance, essentially part of TSB.

The leaflet was the usual, and I quote:

“Every customer who completes the survey by 31 December 2014 will automatically be entered into a prize draw and have the chance of winning £250 worth of store vouchers…”

So, why not I thought, pop some details in, and have a slim chance of winning something..

Well, Black Horse, if you’re going to run a competition until December 2014, maybe check your domain runs until then?


LastPass for Android Brings all the power of the desktop plugin

I’ve been using LastPass for, probably about a year now. If you don’t know, it’s a password management tool. For me, it allows me to keep a different random password for each site, and not have to worry about remembering them.

As well as this, it allows you to do extra things such as security audits, which will go through the strength of your passwords, complexity, if there are any duplicates, etc and return an overall score. It will also check the usernames against a database of known leaks, for example the Adobe Hack, the LinkedIn hack and the hack. This obviously won’t stop the fact your details were leaked, but it will certainly help to remind you to change your password for that site.

Well, the android app has been going through several changes recently, not all of them have been that great, so much so I preferred the old application, but now, they’ve added the ability to fill your username and password from the LastPass app into Chrome, or any other app as long as you’re running at least Android 4.3 for the Chrome fill and at least Android 4.1 for any other app.

Good job LastPass, it was about time though :)

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